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September 22, 2009

GSXR update

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Well last week I purchased a MIG welder so I could start welding aluminum. Unfortunately this set the budget back slightly but I’m still pressing on with the build, here’s what has been done recently.

Here is the rear seat delete faring cover, this helps make the bike lighter, and more aerodynamic.
A small rear cushion will be made to cover the front open area.


here are the high output 3 watt LED taillights, more efficient, brighter, and longer lasting then any other lighting

the camera flash didn’t help this picture, but these are VERY BRIGHT!

here is the “command center” of the motorcycle, which contains-
-power distribution/fuse box
-DC/DC converter 72v-12v 10A
-electronic solid state flasher for turn signals
-main fuse breaker for entire electrical system 300A
-2 H.I.D power ballast for headlights

These electronics will be mounted either under the tank area, or the rear faring. I’m waiting to see the size of the speed controller first.

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