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November 20, 2009

GSXR update

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Today I removed the front right brake caliper and rotor, along with the front fender steel frame. It may sound like a terrible thing to do to a sport bike, but after careful consideration of the weight of this electric bike compared to the original gas GSXR I will be over 120 lbs lighter. This combined with the fact that the rear brake rotor and caliper will be larger and more powerful I do not foresee any problems with only using one of the front calipers and rotors.

This will also save me 6 lbs of rotational weight with the elimination of the rotor, along with a combined 13.5 lb dry weight when added with the fender frame, brackets, and caliper. And the best part of this is its completely reversible if I decide to use both front brakes again.

After completing the brake removal, I bled the air from the hydraulic system and did some “test stops” in the garage, the brakes actually feel about the same as before, it can easily still lock the front wheel with little effort. This exposed front wheel will also complement the single sided rear swing arm when the bike is completed.

Note: I am keeping the plastic front fender, just eliminating the steel frame the supports the brake lines.

November 12, 2009

inspirational pics from the Mid Ohio Races

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