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December 2, 2009


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After receiving my new “Cycle analyst” I had to start building my new fully digital dash for the bike. To start I used cardboard to make a template of the plastic sintra material needed.

I now had to mount the speed sensor to the front fork of the bike to pick up a small rotating magnet to calculate vehicle speed. The magnet was placed on the inside of the brake rotor and the sensor tucked under the front fender, I then ran the wiring up the brake hose to the cycle analyst.

In order to keep the plastic sintra dash looking good after lots of cutting, drilling, and sanding I used wide masking tape to cover the piece while doing all these operations. You can even heat bend the part with the masking tape still applied.

After attaching the cycle analyst, indicator lights, switches, and running the lights its finally time to place the dash in and make brackets to hold it in place.

Well my time spent definatly paid off, the dash loks awesome, the cycle analyst points right at the rider’s face for low glare and easy viewing. The sintra board has no scratches and fits perfectly. The indicator lights fit right where I wanted them.

Green lights- left and right turn signal
Blue light- High beam indicator
Yellow light- Motorcycle active “power on”
Red light- speed controller fault, or over heat
toggle switch-l ow beam headlight (high beam is on handlebar)
Two thermometers- one for motor temperature, one for speed controller temperature.

NOTE: the thermometers are only attached with velcro, and the wires now use small plugs to attach, these will only be used during testing, and racing. There not waterproof so I would not recommend using them as an every day gauge.

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