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December 22, 2009

Making Good Connections

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I finally got around to wiring up each on the individual 24 battery cells to make one mega battery pack.

When wiring such a large battery pack together there are some Major safety and other considerations to take while assembling the pack.

-Always be conscious that the cell terminals are exposed, and if a wrench is dropped or anything conductive it WILL ARC! this could electrocute you and damage your expensive battery pack!

-Keep in mind that even if you are confident that the pack is being assembled correctly, always keep checking it with a volt-meter to ensure a cell was not installed backwards, or to help identify any “bad” cells during assembly.

-Keep the “ground” (-negative) terminal disconnected from the frame of the vehicle, this will help prevent accidental arcing from tools or falling parts/wires.

-I also highly recommend wearing gloves when connecting the larger voltages, this is always an easy way to protect yourself from accidental injury.

Enough with guidelines, lets get building.

I started by marking where the best location for my “master positive” and “master negative” terminals should be, after finding where these need to be I started assembling the pack around where these terminals had to end up.

Using the “battery bridges” supplied by Elite Power Solutions I then started making secure connections.

Like stated above, keep checking the pack voltage to ensure proper installation. Each individual cell measured at 3.3 volts therefore I can use simple addition to keep track of the total voltage.

Only so many connections could be made outside the bike, I then installed all the cells in the battery rack. after doing so I found that 3 jump wires needed to be made from 2 packs and from the upper and lower pack. These were made using a super-conductive #4 gauge wire, the wire was covered in wire loom and shrink-wrapped to prevent any type of short.

Once the entire pack was wired up, I couldn’t resist to quick wire in my Cycle Analyst. the pack voltage is shown on screen and the back lighting works great, cant wait to see this thing in action.

Waiting for the speed controller to arrive, I will post once that arrives and gets installed.

Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for reading

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