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February 14, 2010

Arctic Energy

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So I decided to check how the solar panel on the roof of my barn was performing, The visual battery voltage indicator showed 12.1 volts from the battery, not too bad considering I still have been charging my small “AA” & “AAA” batteries from it.

During the sunny part of the day, in our cold area of Michigan, the solar panel still puts out a strong 13.79 volts to charge the battery. The Amperage was only .53 amps, this was expected especially when there is a good 1/2″ of snow covering the panel. Although the snow builds on top of the panel, it seems to melt faster because of the dark black background color of the solar panel, I believe it heats up from sunlight and melts the snow off.

-The black cord is where the panel is located, you can see the snow is slightly raised

I really did not expect the solar panel to be operating when it was covered in snow, but sure enough it is. Defiantly not as good as it should be, but enough power to at least keep the 12 volt battery charged.

Perhaps in the summer I will add more panels to charge my motorcycles. Then it will truly be energy independent transportation!

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