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April 8, 2010

Glad to still be Breathing

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Well I don’t normally update mid-week like this, but while doing some upgrades to the Zion Motorcycle, I had a pretty nasty accident.

As I stated in a previous post the charger had failed and killed all my odyssey batteries. Well I was in the process of installing 6 new B&B batteries of the same size as the odyssey’s, this was also upgrading it from 60 volts to 72 volts. Well all the batteries were mounted and I was in the process of some of the final connections when disaster struck.

My small 8mm wrench had some in contact with the grounded frame, it only took a split second and the wrench was glowing red, the batteries turned into an Arc welder and flames appeared.

It was so bright that I was blinded for a few seconds. l’m only alive right now because I had gloves, and safety glasses on.

This only proves that an EV builder with years of experience like me can still make mistakes, PLEASE learn from my mistakes and follow all safety precautions, luckily nobody was hurt and only 2 batteries sustained damage. the short only lasted a couple seconds and Im pretty sure the other cells will be allright, they all tested at 13.1 volts after the short.

2 B&B cells that were damaged

This one may not have looked that bad, but the case is bubbling and it is warped, I cannot trust this cell anymore it could start leaking after a few cycles and cause a fire.

This cell was the main arc point

I will post up when I have finished all the upgrades for the Zion, after I receive 2 new cells.

I will now be dedicating an entire page of the site (on the right side bar) to EV safety, This was a big wake up call to me and I will now be even more careful. I want anyone starting an EV project of their own to be sure to know all the safety issues first, so they don’t get hurt, be careful out there.

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