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April 12, 2010

E*Speed update

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After a bad day with my other motorcycle last week, the weekend was filled with success.

I received and installed the sprockets for the E*Speed, there is currently a 15 tooth motor sprocket and 45 tooth wheel sprocket making the gear ratio 3:1

-Laser alignment of motor and wheel sprocket for best efficiency and lower noise/wear

As of now I have only rode the E*Speed about 15 miles and I am in the process of making sure everything is working good. So far the motor only gets slightly warm and batteries have stayed very cool, the speed controller has maintained a cool 85 degrees, and this is without the planned vents to help cool it off. I do not have any top speed, range or 0-60 results yet because I plan to finish the body and a few other small items before I can get accurate results.

The motorcycle feels great, the video makes it seem much louder then it actually is, my friends say they cannot hear the bike from about 20 feet away. The acceleration is very smooth using the progressive throttle map supplied by Alltrax speed controllers.

-the faring is under construction, here is a teaser picture

more video, and specs to come soon.

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