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April 25, 2010

Michigan Earth Day Festival

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After carefully watching the weather I decided last minute Saturday morning to head to Rochester Michigan to meet the other MEAA (Michigan electric auto association) members attending the event. Being a overcast day with some occasional rain showers the show festival was well attended.

The “Auto Alley” vehicle section ranged from, production hybrid Cadillac’s, Smart cars, fully electric lawn equipment, Fords Plug in Hybrids, and Bio Diesel boats and cars.

Ford had an impressive booth showing there plug in hybrid Escape and Fusion. There innovation is first class and their displays really helped show exactly how the entire system works. They had the twin motor/generator’s and planetary gear system on display so you could get a feel of how much technology is being implemented on there new hybrids.

The instructors and one student from the Wayne County Community College were there showing off there 100% Bio diesel 5 cylinder Mercedes speed boat, and their nearly completed Saturn 3 cylinder Bio diesel vehicle. The instructors expect the converted Saturn to achieve about 50-60+ miles per gallon. The instructors were very knowledgeable about Bio diesel and cleared up a few misconceptions about using 100% refined Bio diesel. They told me that the students want to convert a motorcycle to a small 2 cylinder diesel engine, Im excited to see students getting involved with new technology in alternative fuels.

The festival had many booths ranging from organic foods, clothing, lighting, solar energy, and wind energy. Everyone was an avid believer of getting off the grid and producing their own power. Many vendors were even selling their products right there. My brother even met some of the vendors that his company recommends after he performs an energy audit on a home or building.

I would love to see how busy this event would be if the weather was nicer, you can expect me to be back next year. Hopefully with both motorcycles and all weekend.

EV addiction starts at an early age!

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