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May 2, 2010

Plymouth Green Street Fair

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Once again the MEAA (Michigan electric auto association) met up on a sunny and warm Saturday out in Plymouth Michigan to show off our electric vehicles at the “Plymouth green street fair”.

With many downtown streets closed off and almost one hundred booth’s to visit, the fair was very well attended. There was a little of everything there, ice carving, ethnic foods, recycled furniture, and electric transportation.

Will Smith and Larry Tuttle pictured here in front of the MEAA booth. Larry is the proud owner of a very nice electric s-10, and Will is the owner of the electric silver Volvo.

the battery pack of Larry Tuttle’s chevy S-10

Pictured here is Pete Deptula’s Hybrid escort and my E*speed motorcycle.

The two production companies there were GM and Smart, GM had one of there many hydrogen fuel-cell equinox on display. GM had some serious engineering and funding wrapped up in these, although with all the advances in hydrogen the most asked question was where the hydrogen is available. Unfortunately GM fell short with an answer. And even if there were hydrogen fuel stations it takes about 3 times the amount of energy to produce, transport, and store hydrogen,(with current technology) then to completely charge most electric cars, and power outlets are already installed in every home, business, and gas station. For more Hydrogen information visit my link on the right column.

GM was also showing off there super complicated 4L60E hybrid transmission. The two drive motors are inside the transmission along with planetary gears, clutches and fluid. There’s something to say about how simple the 100% electric drive trains are compared to hybrid drive trains . Take a look at Tesla’s drive train, it is composed of 1 gear reduction and a differential with about a dozen total moving parts. There’s a certain elegance in simplicity.

Smart car was there displaying one very sharp cabriolet, although the MPG may fall slightly short of what most people expect, it is much better then most cars. The engineering and finish work is top notch, even if you are very tall you will have no problem fitting in the smart car. If all you plan to do in the car is go too and from work the smart car is a great answer, low maintenance, and easy parking are two nice features of the car.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Panizzoli, the founder and president of “Eco Wheelz” a company that custom builds, and sells production electric bicycles. He is located in downtown Plymouth about a block from the fair. I saw several of his bikes driving around the streets during the day. Unfortunately I got held up and did not get to his shop in time, it was already closed. But I look forward to seeing him at the future EV events around the state.

I have added a link to his web site on the right column of my site.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the show, if you enjoyed what you seen come and join us at the Livonia EV rally, it will be held on Saturday June 12th at School craft college in the parking lot.

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