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May 19, 2010

TTXGP Standings After a Dogfight at Infineon Raceway

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Although I could not attend the first 2010 TTXGP race in California I am very proud of my friends out there giving it their all to prove that electric power can dominate a racetrack just like gasoline fueled motorcycles. Each team was rushed to finish their machines in time to attend this race, For the TTXGP race, 11 bikes showed up, 10 bikes made it onto the track, and 8 bikes finished the race with one of those being pushed across the finish line by the rider. The determination and passion from these teams will inevitably bring us new and improved technology to our every day electric vehicles.

Video of lap one, the first 2 bikes are team Zero/Agni, and team Lightning

The standings for the 2010 Infineon race are as follows,

1. Shawn Higbee (Zero/Agni), 11 laps, 25:33.626
2. Michael Barnes (Lightning Motorcycles), -1 lap
3. Michael Hannas (Electric Race Bikes), -1 lap, 12.456 seconds
4. Jennifer Bromme (Werkstatt Racing), -1 lap
5. Kenyon Kluge (KSquared Racing), -1 lap
6. Zoe Rem (Pril Motors), -2 laps
7. John Wild (Square Wave), -3 laps
8. Jason Lauritzen (ElectricMotorsport.com), -3 laps
9. Spencer Smith (Volt Motors), -2 laps, DNF, crash
10. Thad Wolff (Team Electra), -8 laps, DNF, mechanical

I am very happy to see growing interest and respect in electric power with the TTXGP proving that electric power can be equal if not better then gasoline powered vehicles.

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