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June 3, 2010

New Charging Design for Zion

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This is how easy charging an electric vehicle should be.

After installing the Soneil on-board charger on the Zion motorcycle, I had to brain storm a neat, simple, reliable, and quick method to plug the motorcycle in. I had many ideas ranging from stuffing the cord in PVC tube, or even using one of those electrical cords that are wound like a spring. many days passed and my brother and I thought of using a cord like on old vacuum cleaners that can self wind up. My brother suggested that I use his very old vacuum and gut it for the cord and wind-up apparatus. But a quick search on Amazon.com yielded me surprisingly good results, I found this small retractable 110v extension cord.

Link to the part I used-

It is designed for traveling and using to charge lap-tops and other devices. Luckily my Soneil charger only draws 1 amp, so this cord will supply it with ample power.

The photo above shows where and how I installed the retractable cord on the motorcycle, the left plug attached to the charger, its taped together and secured to the inner faring with a zip-tie and screw hold down. The retractor it’s self is held on by a large piece of Velcro to allow for easy and quick removal to plug the bike in.

This shows the installation of the Velcro on both the inner faring and the retractor unit.

The cord allows for quite a bit of length when fully extended. When installed on the bike, the charger does not rattle, or come loose. When you want to charge all you have to do is grab the unit, pull it off the Velcro, and pull it out, then plug it in and walk away!

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