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June 20, 2010

2nd Annual Michigan Electric Vehicle Meet, Defending the Title

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Last Saturday was the second annual “Michigan Electric Vehicle Association” meet in Livonia Michigan near Detroit. The event Brought many people out with their Electric vehicles or Plug in hybrids, everyone there was excited to display their vehicles and share their knowledge. Many home built conversions, custom 3 wheel vehicles and many production scooters, and cars were available for test drives. Luckily the weather held up and we had no rain, everyone there was happy to see two major production electric vehicles there, the Chevy volt and the Tesla Roadster Sport. Both were very impressive vehicles and I am very excited to see what the Tesla model S has to offer.

The show was very well attended by both EV owners and enthusiasts, Schoolcraft college has been an amazing help for us both years now, they had their culinary program grill and awesome lunch, and they have gave us ample space to display and race our vehicles, a big thanks to Schoolcraft College for helping make this possible.

The show had many nicely converted vehicles there, even a few for sale!

The PT cruiser won “Best conversion” for 2010

Kraig Schultz set up his tent to the right of mine and Current Motor Company was on the left displaying their scooters.

Kraig Schultz was showing off his nearly completed, but operational, Delta series of tilting trikes/motorcycles. He plans to start producing them as soon as he has finished the prototypes. He ran his trike around the parking lot all day and through the auto-x without any problems, many people were interested in his design!

Eventually I got to ride his tilting trike (Delta-12) and it was surprisingly fun, with the tilting action you quickly forget there are 2 wheels behiend you. The double seating position gives you either good visibility or better agility and aerodynamics. For more information on Kraig Schultz inventions and products visit his website, there is a link on the side bar.

Two of the “big three” auto companies were there showing off there newest technology, Ford was proudly showing off their plug in escape hybrid, with an impressive display and fairly impressive economy numbers i’m sure this will become a hit with consumers

And GM was very enthusiastic with their prototype Chevy Volt plug in hybrid. The GM representative was giving people test rides all day and really let you get a feeling of the car. The interior is very unique with cell phone like heat sensitive buttons, and a recessed shifter knob. The rear seats are smaller then I expected from a 4 door sedan, but all in all it should be a good GM plug in hybrid.

Luckily the rumor was true, the famous Tesla Roadster Sport decided to make a fashionably late entrance. As you may have read in my previous posts, the Tesla Roadster is one of the most impressive pieces of technology to date, with 240 miles range, lightning fast 0-60 and 120mph top speed with NO transmission, it has made the super complicated internal combustion 5 speed transmission a thing of the past. The owner of this Roadster decided to give many people rides, and he did not skimp out, he took it up past 60mph in the parking lot, everyone who got out of it had a grin from ear to ear, its something I hope everyone gets to experience soon.

The Tesla Roadster driving the auto-x race course.

After driving my motorcycle around for demonstrations, I needed a charge (I really didnt need one, just needed an excuse) so I decided to park it in front of the new “PEP” charge stations. These are simple 120/240 volt charge stations that will accept any credit or debit card. The touch screen menu is very user friendly and simple to operate, if you can plug in a kitchen toaster you can easily use a pep station to charge your EV. The distributor told me these stations are becoming very popular to install and they have many contracts to install them in various cities across michigan.

Soon later the Auto-x (auto cross) started, we ran all of the 4 wheel EV’s first, the Electric tube frame roadster took the prize for fastest 4 wheel EV.

After many attempts through the course I could not beat my time of 28.6 seconds. The SCCA setup up the course this year and there were many tight turns with un-even pavement, but even so the torque and small size of my motorcycle took the fastest 2 wheel EV for the second year running. Hopefully I can keep this trend going for a while!

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