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June 28, 2010

E*Speed Update

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I know it has been a while since I have updated about the E*speed motorcycle, but I promise not to disappoint.

I made a few key decisions about what type of motor I wanted this time, I wanted higher RPM and wanted to keep it DC so I did not have to replace my speed controller. I decided to go with 2 Mars “R” motors wired tin parallel with the controller. With this setup I will have more torque and higher RPM for all around better performance!

The motors are shafted directly together with keyed couplers, and the sprocket if offset to the left side to provide correct chain alignment.

Making sure the motor sprocket is aligned with the rear wheel sprocket.

After a lot of careful measuring and many cardboard templates I finally got both of the 1/4″ aluminum motor brackets cut out.

I placed one motor exactly where it should be (offset on the bike) to determine what length bolt spacers I would need to make to make to have the motors sit exactly where I nee them too.

After attaching both motor plates I used a 1/2″ diameter threaded rod between the front of both mounts to make them very rigid and strong. This also allowed for slight adjustment of the plates if they were not parallel.

These are the spacers I used to offset the motors from the frame to allow for chain clearance.

Luckily my hard work and patience paid off, the motors aligned up perfectly! Now I am ready to run chain and mount the LiFePo cells back in the bike. By the way, the back of the motors are taped up with masking tape to prevent scratches and dents.

This is an example of how I am going to mount all of the battery cells in the motorcycle, this will allow for low center of gravity, close battery terminal locations, and will allow for “slide-in-cells” for simple installation. I also wanted a flat and very rigid bottom so I can use my motorcycle floor jack for service. I am in the process of building the battery rack and re-wiring the power grid. I should have the motorcycle in testing phase within the month of July, stay tuned!

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