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July 11, 2010

E*speed update, Motor Re-Mount & Batteries Insatlled

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Progress on the E*speed has increased because I have had more time lately to work on it, and the motorcycle is inches away from road testing.

I decided it would be a good idea to test the twin motor design on the motorcycle since I have no experience with linking two motor shafts together. The motors were powered with two 12 volt batteries supplying both motors with 24 volts, this proved to spin the motors very fast, and unfortunately with a severe vibration. Disappointed I started doing some diagnoses of what could be causing the vibration, I noticed if I used some long slide clamps to hold both motor plates together the vibration was decreased. I then saw that there was enough room to install two more 1/2″ threaded rods to help re-enforce the motor plates and hold them more rigidly.

I then re-tested the new motor plate design with re-enforcements and was very pleased with to feel no vibrations what so ever.

Next was the challenge to fit all of my 24 LiFePo cells back in the motorcycle. There are a couple of goals I have when designing any battery rack.

-Keep the cell terminals close for ease of wiring and prevent lengthy power wires.

-Make the rack simple, with the least of complication to save weight.

-Bolt, do not weld, the rack to the frame, for future battery up-grades.

-Make the rack very sturdy, with a flat bottom so you can jack up on the bottom of your motorcycle for service.

-Make sure the cells can be easily removed for service or replacement.

If you can manage to incorporate all of these attributes into your battery rack you will be very pleased when it comes time to perform repair or service on your motorcycle.

I always start by holding all the batteries in place with a wood board and jack to prove that all the batteries can physically fit and still be removed.

I then got the bottom part sized and welded together.

Then I keep installing and removing the batteries to make sure the new parts I weld on will not interfere and fit properly.

After the battery rack is made, be sure to cross brace the rack where possible, this will make it much stronger very rigid.

When the battery rack is complete, be sure to properly strap the batteries down, to ensure they are very secure. You would not want them coming loose in a turn, or possibly an accident.

Road testing for the E*speed is coming quick, I will post video of the first drives.

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