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July 26, 2010

100 EV Miles this Summer!

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Over the winter I installed a new speedometer/odometer gauge on the Zion motorcycle, I installed the new Sigma speedometer because I was very disappointed with the performance of the “Veypor” motorcycle speedometer gauge I had previously installed. Because of this I do not know of the “exact total” EV miles driven so far, but a rough estimate would be in the 170-190 mile Total.

But for the entire riding season of 2010 I have logged exactly 103 miles! This is also the mileage on the new B&B battery pack, and Soneil charger installed on the Zion motorcycle. I have been very pleased with the performance of the charger and upgraded 72 volt battery pack. The motorcycle has been nothing but rock solid reliable, which is great because it gives me something to ride and enjoy while I am in the process of building the new E*Speed race motorcycle.

103 miles may not sound like a lot of miles, but it is when you find yourself fighting Michigan weather, working 8 hours a day all week, trying to finish another project motorcycle, and finding time for friends and family. All the sudden time for going out for an “EV cruise” becomes scarce.

So far riding all-electric has been quite an experience, I am proud to say that I have fun ripping around town on my ZERO gasoline, ZERO noise, ZERO tail-pipe emission motorcycle that handles and drives like a dream and never leaves me disappointed. Hopefully everyone will share the excitement of a fast, clean, and low maintenance electric vehicle similar to mine.

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