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September 19, 2010

E*speed specs

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Ok guys, here’s the current specs of the motorcycle with the 16/60 gear ratio

Top speed ————105 MPH
0-60 —————-4.5 Seconds (closely estimated using stop-watch)
Range —————60 miles (economy driving) 35 miles (aggressive driving)
Total weight———-382lbs (ready to ride)
Charge from empty —-4.2 hours
Charger voltage——-110v ac
cost to charge——–56.3 cents (at Michigan electricity costs)
cost to drive———-1 cent per mile
battery replacement—–1 dollar a day (based on 10 year battery life*)

* $3000 pack / 10 years = $300 year / 12 months = $25 per month. About $1 per day, remember Lithium batteries will be coming down in price in the future so this is most likly a high estimate

I will be experimenting with other gear ratios and posting if any specs improve drastically.

I still have to finish the vinyl graphics and paint the sides, some small cosmetic issues and minor turn signal indicator problems will be solved and this project will be complete. I may change out the mirrors for a rear view camera and small 2.5″ monitor on the dash to see behiend me.

September 5, 2010

E*Speed up and running!

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I have completed testing of the E*Speed motorcycle and all has gone well, with one exception. I was showing the bike off at the 6th annual Grand Rapids metro cruise when the set screws came loose on motor shaft connection and the intermediate shaft literally fell out of the motorcycle! luckily it happened in a parking lot and there was little damage done, I even fixed it at the show with the help of some EV buddies.

here is a youtube video of the motorcycle driving,

Here are a few pictures from the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise,

Proud to drive my electric motorcycle through an event that brings gas guzzling V8 out from all over the state

we had a good turn out for the first time EV energy meet in Grand Rapids

Kraig Schultz brought his new prototype tilting trike, and his dustbin farring electric motorcycle

Coppersville High school brought their electrathon 24 volt race car to the show, very impressive speeds for a light weight 24 volt vehicle

Zynoc, (aka) Brad Kallio was there with many of his new energy projects, from wind generators, to his 4 wheel electric NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle).

This is me re-installing the motor connection shaft that fell out during a demonstration ride in the parking lot. Many people took interest in the idea of my electric motorcycle, we turned many people from critics to believers when they see how possible electric transportation really is.

I still have to finish the body work, add some vinyl decals, and fix some small things that are not working properly. I will keep the site updated with changes and modifications to the E*Speed.

Thanks for following the build from week to week, the motorcycle turned out great, and I am stunned with the performance, I will have the actual performance specs soon after break in process is finished.

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