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September 19, 2010

E*speed specs

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Ok guys, here’s the current specs of the motorcycle with the 16/60 gear ratio

Top speed ————105 MPH
0-60 —————-4.5 Seconds (closely estimated using stop-watch)
Range —————60 miles (economy driving) 35 miles (aggressive driving)
Total weight———-382lbs (ready to ride)
Charge from empty —-4.2 hours
Charger voltage——-110v ac
cost to charge——–56.3 cents (at Michigan electricity costs)
cost to drive———-1 cent per mile
battery replacement—–1 dollar a day (based on 10 year battery life*)

* $3000 pack / 10 years = $300 year / 12 months = $25 per month. About $1 per day, remember Lithium batteries will be coming down in price in the future so this is most likly a high estimate

I will be experimenting with other gear ratios and posting if any specs improve drastically.

I still have to finish the vinyl graphics and paint the sides, some small cosmetic issues and minor turn signal indicator problems will be solved and this project will be complete. I may change out the mirrors for a rear view camera and small 2.5″ monitor on the dash to see behiend me.

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