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November 21, 2010

A revolution in mobility

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Late in the nineteenth century a new form of transportation showed up in European and American cities: the horseless carriage. To the vast majority of people who came across these vehicles their appearance was bizarre and unwelcome. They were considered to be a passing fad for hobbyists and engineers.

Just over one hundred years later we are facing the most exciting development in automobile technology: electric power. It’s hard to doubt the scale of this transformation as multiple major manufacturers are set to debut electric powered vehicles in the upcoming months.

You may be thinking that electric vehicles aren’t new. From the Detroit Electric to GM’s EV1 and a handful of other products have hit the market. Some of these have been exceptional cars. “La Jamais Contente” established the land speed record under electric power in 1899. In spite of these (and a few other) examples, petroleum has been the only fuel available to consumers.

While there are a lot of challenges facing the wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles, it looks like the technology that puts the fuel choice back in the hands of the consumer will get a real chance to flourish.

I am a big fan of electric powered vehicles. A lot of my knowledge about electric vehicle technology has come from Tony, my younger brother. I helped him set up this website last year as a way for him to share his experiences with other EV enthusiasts. The developments in this field are a cause for excitement. In light of that we’re going to expand a bit of the discussion on this website.

Now is the time to dispel the myths surrounding electric vehicles. We also need to take a closer look at the people and companies who are behind these new vehicles. There’s also the topic of electric vehicle infrastructure that deserves a thorough examination. At the same time we’ll keep a focus on the technology and practical issues surrounding EVs.

So it’s time to start a new chapter on Experimental EVs site. Enjoy the ride!

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