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September 13, 2011

E*Speed Upgrade: Charge anywhere!

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I have always been annoyed that my charger for my motorcycle is so large and heavy that I couldn’t bring it anywhere, but finally the company that supplies my batteries came out with a very small (4.5lb) charger that I could fit on the bike!

Unfortunately I realized that I had nowhere to store a charge cord, so I had to make the seat hinge and add a storage spot for the cord.

I used a 6″x6″ electrical box from Home Depot for the cord storage under the seat, I also carpeted the inside of the box to prevent vibrations when riding.

I mounted the charger above the motor and attached it to the battery cradle by welding an “L” Channel and strapping it using 2 crossing velcro straps. The charger is held in very strong and will not vibrate or come loose.

The wiring was simple, I attached the 2 output ends to the battery, negative to the chassis of the motorcycle and positive to the protected side of the 400amp fuse.

The 110v input was a little short (only about 4′) so I extended it to 9′ using a power tool repair cord from Home Depot, there basically an extension cord with only the male plug end.

Now to charge I can plug into any 110v 15amp outlet (basically every household outlet in North America) and it will take me about 4.5 hours to re-charge!

P.S. sorry for the lack of good pictures, my camera SD card was corrupted and lost a lot of the pictures for this upgrade, got a new camera so this shouldn’t happen again.

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