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October 29, 2011

What Happens if it Gets Wet?

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Its like dropping a toaster in the bath tub…right? Well actually that’s totally wrong. Unfortunately the general public’s view of electricity and water has been extremely skewed, due to many Hollywood movies and myths. The truth of the matter is that distilled water is actually completely NON-conductive! Yes pure water is actually an insulator, but when things are added to the water like salt, dirt, sand, or other chemicals, then the conductivity increases as the amount of impurities increase.

Therefore most rain water (since evaporated) is rather clean and contains little to no impurities and has a very poor conductivity. I decided to try an experiment and leave my motorcycle out in the rain for an entire day, it literally rained for almost 9 hours straight on the motorcycle.

Parked in the rain.

A close-up photo to show how wet the bike was.

I was a little nervous about what could possibly happen, but I was willing to take the risk for the sake of science!

The motorcycle worked great, there was literally not one problem after 9 hours of rain all over the vehicle. Also note that this motorcycle was not designed to be “water, or rain proof”, therefore if there are design improvements to make it even more water tight, there should never be a problem whatsoever with rain, puddles, or moisture.

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