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December 1, 2011

Updated Dash for E*speed

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The old cycle analyst gauge worked well on the motorcycle, the speed was a little sluggish to respond sometimes, but all the data was quite informative. I actually wasn’t planning on doing this upgrade until one day the magnetic speed sensor for the cycle analyst came loose and was hitting my front wheel. from the time I heard the noise until I stopped the sensor was completely mangled.

I decided instead of purchasing a new cycle analyst I was going to shop around, that’s when I found the Koso line of gauges. I decided to use the smaller “dual-sport” style db-01r gauge, it had large back lit speed numbers, with a simple 2 button menu to navigate between trip, odo, and other functions. I also liked that it included the turn signal and high beam indicator (it also has a low oil pressure, and neutral light, but i didnt use them)

I started out by using the old sintra dash material as a template, I then cut out an exact outline of the previous piece without any holes or cut-outs.

After that I cut out the main outline for the Koso gauge, and drilled the 2 holes for the “machine active” light and low beam headlight switch.

Unfortunately the Koso does not have a high voltage gauge to read my battery volts, therefore I purchased a standalone voltage gauge from Ebay and mounted it into a small project enclosure from radio shack. I then mounted this at an angle by cutting out a slot in the Sintra and positioning it towards the drivers face.

After all this was done I wired the gauges to power, and ran the new sensor pickup to the lower fork. Mounted all 5 magnets on the brake rotor and programed the gauge for the proper wheel diameter.

Now I had to make the whole think look really nice, I decided to use some carbon fiber film to apply over the surface, this would cover any small errors and make it look appealing.

here is a photo with all the gauges activated.

Thanks for reading, I hope to fit a few more rides in this season if the weather holds!


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