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January 25, 2012

The Grid Grows, and Overtakes E85

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I actually found this hard to believe, but This data was recently released by the department of energy. There are now more then double the EV Charge stations then E85 re-fueling stations. 2,515 E85 stations, compared to 5,430 electric charging stations!

I know what you’re thinking, “there probably all in California or New York”, well you’re wrong! If you check the Chargepoint network website they are covering the country, even in very small towns. See the list below of Michigan cities and how the charge stations have grown since June of 2011

–January 2012 Michigan charge point stations–
Grand Rapids- 20
Detroit- 95
Holland- 22
Muskegon- 10
Lowell- 2
Kalamazoo- 28
Lansing- 10

–June 2011 Michigan charge point stations–
Grand Rapids- 1
Detroit- 16
Holland- 9
Muskegon- 0
Lowell- 1
Kalamazoo- 3
Lansing 1

These charge point stations are growing rapidly because there incredibly easy to install, there are also many government incentives to install them. Not to mention that if someone is using the station near your business, they are apt to stay in the area and spend money at your restaurant, shop, hotel…

The ease of use has also improved with smart phones, now you can-

– Monitor your vehicle’s charge level
– Be alerted if your vehicle was un-plugged, or you’re charge is complete.
– Use the map to locate stations
– see if the station is currently charging another vehicle

The system is becoming very user friendly and if you are an early adopter, its FREE! yes, for now its free to use, but eventually will start charging a small fee for plugging in.

So if it only took this long to surpass the number of E85 stations, how long will it take to pass the number of gasoline stations? Guess we’ll wait and see.

visit: http://www.chargepoint.net/ and find a station near you!

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