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June 27, 2012

An EV Toolbox Must Have

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I usually don’t post something about ONE tool on here, but being involved with EV’s for many years I always wanted a better way of crimping those high voltage/current lug ends on the high voltage wires, I finally came across this thing,


It can crimp from wire size “0” – “14” gauge, I did notice the dies seem a bit small, I used a gauge “2” on my 4 gauge lug ends and it worked perfect.

It is an incredible tool for the price of $65.00, but dont think you can run out and purchase this at your local harbor freight, I think its an online only item according to the employees at my local Harbor freight store.

The dies slip in and out with ease, and snap in so they dont fall out.

It all comes in a nice case to keep your dies organized in. If youre planning on, or already building EV’s purchase one, you wont regret it!

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