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I am now offering custom computerized plasma cut motor mount plates bolts and bushings to anyone interested in converting a motorcycle, car, or any vehicle! Below are some pictures of motor mounts I have made for myself and friends to help you stir ideas of how you may want yours designed.

All I will be doing is cutting out YOUR design in any thickness metal from 1/16″ to 3/8″.

Metals include-
Aluminum (6061)
mild cold rolled steel

I will require your motor mount design in any of these forms-
Autocad (DXF or DWG file)
Adobe illustrator
Coral Draw (DXF file)

If you have a very accurate full scale drawing or cardboard cutout I can use that too.
(Autocad drawing fee of $45)

Computerized Plasma Table

Computerized Plasma Table

I can also include high strength allen cap-head bolts, washers, and bushings to properly mount the plate in your vehicle.

High strength hardware and bushings

High strength hardware and bushings

Here are some examples of quality motor mounts I have made





Pricing and up-charges.

Your mount or part must fit within a (12″x 12″) (12″x 18″) or (12″x 24″) plate, note charts below. If it must be larger please email with sizes and I can make a custom quote.

Aluminum (6061 default, specify other alloy if needed)

12″x 12″—$69—–$80—-$100—-$115—$129—-$149
12″x 18″—$76—–$99—-$117—-$137—$156—-$183
12″x 24″—$81—–$100—$132—-$156—$181—-$212
(larger size – email for quote)

Mild Cold rolled steel

12″x 12″—$68—–$82——$83—–$94—-$102—-$119
12″x 18″—$74—–$94——$92—–$107—$118—-$156
12″x 24″—$79—–$106—–$101—-$118—$133—-$159
(larger size – email for quote)

Drilling holes in steel only add $3 per hole

High strength hardware kit for- Mars (mont energy) HPEVS A/C motors add $12.00

Autocad drawing fee $45

For now email orders and or questions to Torkevehicles@gmail.com or Redvalleymotorsport@gmail.com

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