Experimental Electric Vehicles


A collection of electric vehicle videos that include my projects and events I have been to, enjoy.

-The Wisconsin electric auto association meet at the Milwaukee Makerspace, Video done by Ben Nelson.

-AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) made a short video of my “Zion” electric motorcycle at the mid-ohio TTXGP event.

-Proof that electric motors produce 100% torque at ZERO rpm!

-One of my favorites, proving electric power is still capable of scorching tires!

-My brother took this footage at the 2009 Michigan electric vehicle rally.

-Another video from someone at the 2009 Michigan electric vehicle rally.

-TTXGP Mid-Ohio race track, I believe the second time around the track.

-E*speed update video as of 2/4/10

more videos to come soon

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