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August 30, 2009

Michigan’s first electric vehicle meet

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The EAA (electric auto association) decided to sponsor an electric vehicle meet in Livonia Mi. many people showed up with all types of electric vehicles from a 1911 detroit electric, to a new Ann Arbor electric scooter company called “current motor company”. everyone there was very welcoming and the electric vehicle cult is defiantly growing.

Several awards were given out,

  • best 4 wheel EV
  • S-10 (Homemade)

  • best 2 wheel EV
  • Current Motor Company scooters

  • Greenest EV
  • front hub motor bicycle hybrid

  • Best in show
  • 1914 Detroit Electric, Very cool!

the auto cross course gave out

  • fastest 2 wheel ev
  • My TTXGP race motorcycle

  • fastest 4 wheel ev
  • Detroit EV electric roadster

Tony & Blake after the MI EV Meet & Autocross

Me holding my 1st place trophy for fastest 2 wheel EV at 27.4 seconds, my friend Blake is sitting on the bike, he came along to give me a hand.

Me and Kraig (Schultz Engineering link on side bar) another EV motorcyclist that lives near me, we decided to swap bikes and give them a test drive.

Tony & Craig Swapping EV Bikes

here are some of the EV’s lining up for the autocross, the lime green scooter (Current Motor Company, linked on the side bar) is building these fast, hub motor, LiFePo powered scooters. and let me tell you, these are impressing, espically with the reverse and re-gen!CIMG3444

me passing through some autocross gates

A rare Production electric Chevy S-10, very cool.

under the hood

this was a very fun and eye opening experience, I hope all who came to see learned more about Electric vehicles and will pass the word about our efficient and fun hobby.

dedicating my website

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this website (thanks to my brother) has been established for the growing demand for electric vehicle knowledge. I will display all of my past, current, and future projects here and will update the site with technical information and information about which events i will be attending. please keep watching for any updates on my electric vehicles and come by and see me at the electric vehicle events.

Being a gear-head by nature i love going fast, spinning tires, and driving through curvy roads. therefore I strive through all of my engineering to build not only green efficient vehicles, but fast, tire burning, fun to drive vehicles that anyone would enjoy to drive around town, or take to the track for the weekend.

if you cannot find any specific information on my site please don’t hesitate to email me.

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