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October 20, 2010

A New Choice in the EV Cycle World

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Sorry about the long absence in posting an update, I have been too busy enjoying my E*Speed motorcycle. The experience has been exhilarating, it is so much fun to see peoples curious faces when I ride around town.

This post is dedicated to a group of friends with a great company across the state from me, Based out of Ann Arbor Michigan Current Motor Company has been in the testing and R&D stage for the last few years, they have truly tested their new Lithium powered cycle well and have made a quality electric cycle for the consumer.

The Cycle will be offered in 3 different models,

# Deluxe (C130) – $7,499 – top speed 65+ mph – range 50+ miles
# Standard (C124) – $6,499 – top speed 55+ mph – range 40+ miles
# Economy (C124E) – $5,999 – top speed 55+ mph – range 30+ miles

The Cycles are powered by a rear wheel hub motor that can produce some real power! One thing that makes these Cycles stand out is their noise, or lack there of. Even both of my electric motorcycles are quiet, but there are still some motor and chain noise. Current Motor Company’s cycles have no chain, and a nice wind deflecting windshield, making their cycles the quietest motor vehicle I have ever driven.

-In the build process, showing their LiFePo battery’s

I have had the privilege of riding one of their Cycles and I have been very impressed with their performance and build quality. They have not over looked anything, from battery management to suspension tuning, it is obvious that they have put their time and money into their product.

The Cycles are now available for purchase! so if youre in need of a new gasoline-free, cheap, and efficient mode of transportation look no further.

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