Experimental Electric Vehicles

E-Speed Motorcycle

Current Project

Suzuki GSXR EV Conversion. AKA: E*SPEED
New drivetrain-

AC-20 motor and Curtis controller
Valence 45Ah 130v battery (990 18650 cells)
CAN BMS system with integrated SOC gauge

The motorcycle undergoing its drive-train  transplant

The motorcycle undergoing its drive-train


-60 mile range

-0-60 in about 3.0 seconds

-top speed of 105+

-Complete LED/HID lighting system, no incandescent lighting

-Day I brought it home

getting all the un-needed parts off, and reducing weight

All parts added or modified will be made to conform to the rules of the TTXGP race rules and regulations.

Twin Mars motor drive train

72v 60ah Lithium batteries attached to frame

side farings fabricated, all paint and finishing touches done.

All I have to do is put some vinyl graphics on the side and were all done!

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